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Some of the great minds and thinking we put to work on your business challenges.

Some of the great minds and thinking we put to work on your business challenges..

Why reinvent the wheel? The problems you face, have been faced before. We find and brief you on thinking of the best authors and business thinkers relevant to your challenge.


Making authors such as Godin, Kurzweil, Kotler, Willink, Ferris, King, Greene, McAfee, Pine, Watson, Cardone, Charnas, Kelly, and many more original thinkers part of your team. Adding measurable value to the decision-making process (faster, richer).

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Adding measurable value to the decision-making process (faster, richer, more creative).




Ron Immink

CEO Bookbuzz

Ron’s combines social media, narrative, story telling, dialogue learning, collective wisdom, peer-to-peer and social learning with innovation, intrapreneurship, strategy and ultimately helping businesses to succeed.

He has worked all over Europe and USA with a variety of clients, including the Irish government, EBRD, ILO, OECD, Arizona State University, DCU, UCD, ICM, RBS, Allianz, Deloitte, AIB, Bank of Ireland, Primark, Enterprise Ireland, Ulster Bank, HP and many more.

He is a father of two, entrepreneur-in-residence, business book geek, entreprenerd, author, and co-founder of

His books focus on entrepreneurship and strategy have been best sellers in both Ireland and the UK. He is currently writing a book on future proofing (“future proof you”).

He is a regular contributor on Newstalk radio, a regular public speaker on innovation, strategy, future trends and entrepreneurship and his articles and blogs are featured in the media across Europe.

Ron is an Irish Institute Alumni, the entrepreneur in residence of Sustainable Nation, a founding partner in StrategyCrowd, is an advisor to a number of exciting start-ups, a fellow of the Institute of Commercial Management, member of the IOD and on the panel of experts in entrepreneurship for the OECD.

Call  Ron +353 85 1006307

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Alan Jordan MSc

Sales Director

Alan has over 20 years front line senior executive and consulting experience. During the 90’s he led some of Ireland’s leading brands including Revlon, Roche Products Ireland, Bewley’s, Allegro, Allied Foods, Shires, Aer Lingus and Irish Ferries, through a variety of quality and change programmes. With an MSc in Training and Human Resources Management, he has consulted with businesses of all shapes and sizes providing key insights into how people drive business success and how this is linked to successful processes.

He was Country Manager for Brinks Ireland from 2004 to 2009 during what was considered the worst period of attacks the country has ever seen for businesses involved in the Financial services sector. Having been through several Tiger kidnap episodes, Alan understands the challenge of leading teams through crisis points and at the same time, driving growth.

Ring Alan +353 86 2588847

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