“Their secret sauce is that they are changing the implicit environment behind the learning itself. As a specialist in executive behaviour change, I can attest that in terms of promoting true change within an organisation, BookBuzz.biz is the real deal.”

Dr. Kevin J. Fleming | CEO of Grey Matters International





“BookBuzz.biz is a fun and novel way to conduct learning. It breaks the code. It treats you as a learner rather than an ‘attendee’. The space that BookBuzz.biz creates for shared dialogue and the learning which results is surprisingly powerful. Give it a try.”

Richard Cotter | Talent/Organisation Dev. Manager, Allianz Ireland





“This extremely innovative corporate learning experience is the way forward for hard-pressed, time-poor executives who seek fresh business perspectives. Your facilitation was enthusiastically praised by both the management and participants.”

Michael Cox | Chambers Ireland





“Amrop Strategis is a leading expert in talent development and retention. In our opinion BookBuzz.biz fits naturally in that space. We use BookBuzz.biz ourselves and where we can, we have made it part of the solutions we recommend to our clients.”

Mark O’ Donnell | Partner Amrop Strategis





“I attended an open BookBuzz.biz session two years ago. Loved it! Since then we have engaged with BookBuzz.biz at various levels within our organisation. We use them as a staff engagement tool, we use them as part of our staff development programme…”

Martin Reilly | HR Partner Deloitte





“Bookbuzz.biz delivered the context and contrast to our thinking on marketing and social media. It has given us a lot of food for thought and sense checked some of our own thinking. We will use them again”

John Boyle | PWC Director Business Development & Marketing





“BookBuzz.biz Ignition Sessions delivered fiery debate and follow  through. They have a unique ability to harness the thoughts of the world’s greatest business minds which brought laser like focus on our challenges. The bottom line is a new community of shared aspirations and beliefs.”

David Thomas | RBS




2012-6-22 Meet Smart

Comments from other CEOs/senior executives who chose to run  Bookbuzz.biz “Ignition Sessions”

—“The programme is not only nurturing innovative thinking and best practice leadership skills, it is also enhancing the engagement of our workforce, and helping us to attract and retain great people.”

—“Your sessions push us to leave our normal work-zone and enter a dynamic learning zone.”

—“My senior management team completed all their regulatory training obligations, but I had neglected their personal development. Your facilitated sessions have more than filled the gap.”



Comments from participants:

—“These sessions are helping us to nurture a learning organisation. This is a rare and welcome opportunity to sit with same-level colleagues and discuss business concepts rather than specific management issues. This is definitely a different concept – and conventional ROI issues do not apply.”

—“The session enriched the relationships in the group, and produced a 180° turn around in the interaction among group members. This is what I call a real team-building exercise.”  “I enjoyed learning new terminology that I can introduce to my own team. The books and the discussions force us to stop and think.”

—“In terms of mental headspace, the sessions were fantastic. These  sessions are often the only time we get to be creative.”

—“The sessions are like a decompression chamber – a great opportunity to reflect. I have learned more about my colleagues through the Bookbuzz.biz ignition sessions than I did in the years I have worked with them.”