What We Do



1. Bookbuzz sessions; merging the best business minds with the collective wisdom of the organisation, creating a rich platform to make better business decisions

Session one

Engage: We put into context and contrast your current specific business challenge, using the books of best business thinkers. A 60-minute verbal presentation of the key insights relevant to your challenge. No need to reinvent the wheel. No need to read. We do that for you.

Ignite: Following the briefing , we facilitate a one-hour conversation where the insights of the best business minds are merged with the collective wisdom of the team, creating the platform for better decision making.

Question storming: Session is finished by 10-minute question storming.

The output of session 1 is a short report with a further definition of the challenge, summary of the session and the book recommendation for session 2.

Session two

Action planning: The outcomes of the question storming are used for the second session, where the most relevant book or author is picked to help move to action. The output of session 2 is an action plan.

Contact Ron@bookbuzz.biz to book.

2. Public speaking or private briefings

The promoters of Bookbuzz are available to do engaging talks about the hundreds of books that they have read. Topics such as future trends, strategy, marketing, social media, innovation, organisational design and management.
Contact Ron@bookbuzz.biz to book.


Why Book BookBuzz?

  • Faster, better decision-making
  • Produces new ideas and new perspectives by challenging the way we think by using authors with pedigree
  • Builds intellectual capital of the organisation
  • Significantly lowers resistance to change
  • Creates a common cultural framework
  • Allows and encourages maverick views
  • Breaks down silos
  • Dramatically impacts team dynamics and trust
  • Fully facilitated

Give us your current business challenge and we will let you know what world’s leading minds think. Click here….

Or just ring Ron Immink, our CEO at +353 85 1006307


“This extremely innovative corporate learning experience is the way forward for hard-pressed, time-poor executives who seek fresh business perspectives. Your facilitation was enthusiastically praised by both the management and participants.”

Michael Cox | Chambers Ireland


“Amrop Strategis is a leading expert in talent development and retention. In our opinion BookBuzz.biz fits naturally in that space. We use BookBuzz.biz ourselves and where we can, we have made it part of the solutions we recommend to our clients.”

Mark O’ Donnell | Partner Amrop Strategis